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No woman must rely on compounds and powders to prevent her hair turning grey. Temperance, moderation in all things, and frequent washings with pure cold water are the best recipes I can give her to prevent her hair from becoming prematurely grey. C. Sickness, we know often does it. But as far as I know, physiologists have failed to explain the reason of this change. We know the hair is a hollow tube, containing a fluid which gives it its color-which red hair is occasioned by a red fluid, and so all the varieties of color are owing to the variety of the color of this fluid. Nothing therefore can prevent the hair from turning white but the avoidance of all the causes which produce premature old age, or occasion local obstruction and disease of the hair itself. I have reason to believe that the injudicious use of the curling-irons, long kept up, will hasten this disease. The unnatural heat destroys the animal nature of the hair, and is liable to produce a disease of its colouring fluid.

An old and retired actress with whom I had met at Gibraltar, and who had a fine head of hair, far better preserved than the rest of her charms, was confident that she had warded off the approach of grey hair by using the following preparation whenever she dressed her head



Oxide of bismuth………………….4drps


Pure hog’s lard……………………4oz


The lard and spermaceti should be melted together,

and when they begin to cool stir in the bismuth. It may be perfumed to your liking.

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