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The Victorian were unsure why baldness occurred  in women but what was obvious whilst reading this article is the upset and unhappiness it brings to the woman and the determination in finding a cure .(admin)


Warning – do not attempt to use any of the recipes given here. Consult a healthcare professional. avon katalog1.com or it’s owners or associates cannot be held responsible for any negative effects. This article is given for entertainment purposes only.



A remedy for weak and falling hair has been sought for by beautiful women, and by men too, with as much avidity as ever the mad enthusiast sought for the philosopher’s stone. I have known ladies who did nothing but to hunt recipes for baldness. The knowledge of all their friends, especially if they were physicians, was laid under perpetual contribution for light on the great subject of hair. I knew an old countess in Paris- or who was as least fearfully growing old- who become really a monomaniac on this subject; she used to rattle on about the “bulbs of the hair,” the “apex of the hair,” and talk as learnedly as a whole college of doctors of the various theories of the nature of the disease and the remedy. Some quack had recommended her to use caustic alkalies of soda or potash-which by the way I have known to be advised by physicians who ought to know better- which completely did the business for her head, for, they not only destroyed the reproductive power, but also the color of what hair they left upon her head.

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So that this unhappy countess was not only hopelessly grey, but she was growing balder day by day, notwithstanding half a bushel of recipes which she had wrung from the skill of hundred doctors.

It is well known that Baron Dupnytren obtained world-wide fame for pomade which overcame the evil baldness in thousands of cases where it was applied. A celebrated physician in London gave an intimate friend of mine the following recipe which he assured her was really the famous pomade of Baron Dupuytren.

My friend found such advantage in its use that I was induced to copy it, and add it to my cabinet of curious recipes.



Boxwood shavings…………………6oz

Proof spirit………………………….12oz

Spirit of rosemary……………………2oz

Spirits of nutmegs…………………..1/2oz

The boxwood shavings should be left to steep in the spirits, at a room temperature of 60 degrees, for fourteen days, and then the liquid should be strained off, and the other ingredients mixed. The scalp to be thoroughly washed, or rubbed with this every night and morning.

A vulgar notion prevails that shaving the head once or twice is good thing to overcome the tendency towards falling hair. But it is a fatal error, which stands a fair chance of producing incurable baldness; as the hair is apt to be killed by being cut so near the roots. I knew a beautiful lady at Madrid who suffered this way.

I advise everybody who has weak hair to avoid wearing nightcaps, and to adopt in their place a net-cap, with coarse meshes, which allow the heat of the head to pass freely off.

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