which perfume from an avon catalogue is nice for a guy? x?

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I agree with the previous post. Definitely Derek Jeter Driven and R.P.M intense. As for new fragrances, Derek Jeter Driven Fresh Citrus and Derek Jeter Driven Warm Cedarwood are pretty good. Also, Bluerush intense will be out soon and it smells great.

how could I get a catalog for old avon bottles?

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I have a lot of old avon bottles and i would like to see how much they might be worth.

go to google and see if they can help you.
avon catalog “>
or you can ask a friend if they have a number you can call or a catalog.

Avon katalog 14 2011 Kolory jesieni

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avon katalog “>

avon kataloghttp://www.my-avon.pl/ – Najnowszy katalog

Avon Sierpień 2011 r.

Muzyka www.danosongs.com

Duration : 0:10:1

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Join Kleeneze For Free

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avon catalogueJoin Kleeneze For Free. Part Time or Full Tme.Let us show you a way to earn an extra income.

Duration : 0:7:52

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avon catalogI love avon products.

Shop on my site: http://jennifershoop.avonrepresentative.com

FTC disclaimer: I am an avon representative. These are my honest opinions. I purchased all of these products myself.

Duration : 0:8:35

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Is this Cheryl Tiegs or not?

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avon catalogIs this Cheryl Tiegs or not?

Duration : 0:3:18

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Treselle mystique perfume review

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avon catalogueRecently I brought a new perfume which I LOVE it smells so good and I got it 50ml for only £7 avon catalogue bargain. It was in the avon catalogue.
Enjoy! Xxxxx

Duration : 0:2:39

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Katalog AVON 11 2010

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avon katalogNajnowszy katalog “LATO W PEŁNI”

Duration : 0:5:27

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How much commission do you get paid delivering and collecting AVON catalogues?

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I am thinking of doing the part time Avon stuff to top up my income, but cant be bothered if its only for a few pennies!

Does anyone know what percentage of each order the reps get?
Just wanted to add, you dont pay for the catalogues. They deliver them to your house, you then distribute them door to door and collect them 2 days later.
Any orders placed you get commission from.
I was just wondering how much?
Im in the UK by the way x

Your first campaign you will make 50% on your order, that is if no one orders some of the items that are marked at lower than that. Contact your regional rep, she could answer your questions better. Go to www.avon.com to find out who it is.

What are the dimensions of an Avon catalog?

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Star Girl was close it is…
5 1/2" wide x 8" tall to be exact.